24-Hours Hotline

Alaafia has established a Call, Text, and chat crisis hotline dedicated to African immigrants, people with disabilities, and individuals with Sickle Cell who are experiencing sexual and domestic violence, human trafficking, and family violence in Wisconsin.

This service enables survivors to access essential support, advocacy assistance, medical services, and legal counsel remotely via our 24-hour hotline and digital platform.
In addition to this, Alaafia offers virtual support groups and counseling sessions for its clients.

If a client cannot afford an electronic device for these meetings, Alaafia will provide one. Alaafia ensures that clients can choose between in-person and virtual assistance, including temporary housing, transportation, and food support.

24 Hours Call and Text line – 414-432-3555

Chat-Line – www.alaafiaafrc.org

Alaafia is a Registered 501(c)(3).

All donations are tax-deductible.

Registered No 84-4761643.

Hotline- 414-432-3555.

Email – info@alaafiaafrc.org.

Website – www.alaafiaafrc.org.