What We Do

What We Do at Alaafia

At Alaafia, we engage in a variety of awareness campaigns and community projects focused on positively impacting African immigrant families and those dealing with Sickle Cell disease. Our goal is to empower these groups to assume leadership roles in their communities.

Services Provided:

Domestic Violence Service and Resources

Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Misconduct Service and Resources

Human Trafficking Service and Resources

Healthcare Navigation Services 

Sickle Cell Resources

Mentoring and workshops for African immigrants seeking career guidance and personal development.

Resource Referrals:


Shelter and Housing

Food Pantry

Legal Assistance

Training Programs Offered:

Our training sessions for organizations cover prevention, emphasizing the definitions, scenarios, impacts, and consequences.

Digital media career training for families affected by Sickle Cell Disease and facing economic challenges.

Systematic, Diversity, or Implicit Biasness Organizational Training.

Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Training. 

DV, Sexual Violence, and Human Trafficking Training.

Education on African cultures and traditions.

Community Outreach:

We focus on educating families to tackle challenges through available resources proactively.

Awareness Campaigns Project:

We run campaigns to educate African immigrant and Sickle Cell families on critical issues, enhancing community awareness and providing information on accessing support. This initiative helps families understand their options, regardless of their situation.

Awareness Campaigns Include:

Mental Health

Child Marriage

Girl Education


Reproductive Health Education


Heart Disease

Period Poverty

Child’s Malnutrition

Cultural Differences


Gender Equity

Sexual Violence

Breast Cancer

War Conflict

Teenage Pregnancy

Human Rights

Human Trafficking

Other Programs:

Facebook Educational Sessions

Personal care item collections

Donation drives

Workshops and Conferences

Mentorship Sessions

“Mother a Child” program

Group Meetings

Fundraising Activities:

Alaafia Official Launch

Youth Conference

Fashion Shows

Mocktail Corner


Tech Presentations

Cultural Sessions

Luncheon Sales

Peach Carpet Event

Pin a Friend

Purple Agenda

Games Day

Secret Admirer


Motivational Moments

Green Refresh

Alaafia Competition:

Aimed at underprivileged immigrant children, this competition encourages educational commitment, confidence, and empowerment, offering a platform to showcase and develop talents and skills.

Competition Categories:

Essay Writing


Stage Plays


Motivational Speaking

App Design

Business or Event Idea Creation