Digital Career Training for Sickle Cell Families

The Digital Career Training program is offered at no cost and is conducted online.

Participants are expected to dedicate 10 hours each week.
A laptop or tablet device will be provided for those unable to afford one.

The training will last for a duration of 10 weeks.

To register, please follow this link

Alaafia has launched a Digital Career Training initiative specifically for families affected by sickle cell disease in the United States. Recognizing the challenges sickle cell patients face in job retention, as highlighted by an ASH Publication stating that 90% cannot maintain their jobs due to continuous crises and pain, this project aims to support not just individuals with sickle cell but also their families.

This program offers digital career training through instructional videos and expert guidance, enabling those living with sickle cell to pursue or retain career independence. This program is designed for participants aged ten and above from sickle cell families; the training covers various digital skills, including:

Graphics Design (emphasis on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)

Video Editing (using Adobe Premiere)

Social Media Management

Podcast Production

Content Creation


Web Design

UI/UX Design

Resume Writing

Basic Computing

Use the hashtags #digitaltraining and #digitaljobs to spread the word.

Alaafia is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, meaning all donations are tax-deductible (Registered No 84-4761643). 

For more information or assistance, contact us at 414-432-3555 or, or visit their website: