List of our Projects

Alaafia is presently engaged in more than twenty-five projects. Some of these initiatives are in the realization phase, while others are in the planning stage.

As our scope broadens, we will continuously update this page with fresh projects and concise overviews of those already accomplished.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of these projects, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 414-432-3555.

List of Our Projects 

Alaafia Digital Platform

Alaafia Hotline 

Safe House Project

Strength in Sickle Cell

Women’s Health Education 

Reproductive Health Session

Systematic, Diversity or Implicit Biasness Organizational Training

Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Training 

DV, Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking Training

Domestic Violence Program 

Sexual Assault Program 

Human Trafficking Program

Technical Assistance Program

Immigration Resources and Referral Services 

Prison Advocacy for Immigrants and Victims of Abuse

Back to School 

Community Sanitizations Program

Social Media Awareness Campaign 

Tech Presentation for Girls

Digital Tools for Immigrant Families

Holiday Gift Programs

Gift Card Project

Farming Project

Book Donation Program

Sex Room ED Project

Articles Project

One Million Women Pictures Project

Professional meet Grassroots Women Program

Exchange Youth and Women’s Program 

Rebuild Economic Development 

Apps Project

Competition Project 


Purple Agenda

Moment with Africans 

Donation drives

Mentorship for Youth

Mother a Child

International Youth Conference 

Fashion Display

Mocktail Corner

Banquet for Youth

Tea or Coffee, which is best for you

Quarterly Cultural Session

Documentary Screening 

Luncheon Sale

Peach Carpet

Choose your Mentor.

Pin a friend

Games Day

Secret Admirer

The Highest Bidder 

Motivational Moment

Green Refresh

Essay Competition 

Drawing Competition


App Designing

Creating ideas for Business or Events






Strength in Sickle Cell is a project under Alaafia Women.

List of Strength in Sickle Cell Programs

Squeeze the Sickle Conference 

Sickber Event

Emergency Family Funds Program

Local and National Legislation Program

Blog Program 

Mentorship Project 

Warm Gear Program 

Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Abuse Program 

No Sickle Babies for 2525 Campaign 

Cartoon Program

PAS Project

SC Memoirs Podcast

Virtual Meet-Up

Sickle Cell Resources Program