Happy New Year

Alaafia is a Registered 501(c)(3).

Address – 1037 W McKinley Ave, 

Milwaukee WI 53205

Hotline No – 414-432-3555

Email – info@alaafiaafrc.org.


All donations are tax-deductible.

Registered No 84-4761643.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Alaafia!

As 2022 comes to an end, I want to highlight our success, challenges and how we navigate through everything. 

We have had a very productive and successful year.

Alaafia positively impacted the community through various initiatives and services.

Alaafia launched its state-of-the-art hotline, which includes calls, texts and chats that provide assistance to African immigrant and Sickle Cell families, as well as other clients in need of support.

We organized several community outreaches and online events focusing on sexual/domestic violence, sickle cell, leadership and empowerment and expanded our awareness program.

Alaafia provides many services and resources for its clients, including food, transportation and their basic needs.

We gave out many contracts to various consultants and vendors, which increased the economy of their businesses.

Alaafia also designed a social media platform for Sickle Cell LGBTQ people.

We launched our Digital Career Training which created its e-Learning platform. This project provided career training for students in tech-related fields.

We also had our first graduation and so many beautiful memories were created.

Alaafia donated school supplies and hygiene products to our clients and partners. 

Understandably, there were challenges along the way, but it’s admirable that we overcame them and continued progressing. It’s clear that we have a dedicated team, supportive partners and funders who have helped to make our work possible.

We are grateful to our funders and sponsors for providing the financial resources to run Alaafia.

We want to thank our partners for their work and continuous support.

To our clients, it is an honor to serve and work with you.

We appreciate our team, vendors and consultants for making our projects successful. 

On behalf of the board and management of Alaafia, I want personally thank everyone we had dealings with in 2022.

I end this note with ‘ Empowerment is the key to financial independence.’ – Ethleen Peacock.

Have a safe and healthy 2023!


Ethleen Peacock


Alaafia Women’s Corporation




Alaafia offers portal support to African Immigrants. Through this website, we want to show African Immigrants that they can achieve whatever goal in life they choose, unshackling them in the process.

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